Chapter 7. Personal Photographs of The Author.

Sensational New to Medical Science Brain Damage Psychogenically Dismissed. Copyright © Stephen Cattier 1998 - 2009. All rights reserved. 

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  Chapter 7. Personal Photographs of The Author Last updated 25/04/2019 11:43

Click here for AVI Video Clips of his radio-controlled Grumman GA-7 Cougar model aircraft in flight in Chapter 10 plus one of his 1/4 scale Bowers Fly Baby biplane.  


Photographs are of the author unless otherwise stated.
pond.jpg (329372 bytes) The author built this butyl rubber lined gold fish pond single-handedly in small stages over four months in 2002 with just a spade, fork, wheelbarrow and bucket plus 2.4 tonnes of sand for the lining. Dimensions: 3.66m x 2.13m x 0.91m (12'x7'x3') 970 gals. Picture taken 30 May 2003.

The author's late father Leonard.  1922 - March 20 1999.



The author's late mother Ivy. 1924 - January 9 2002. 



stevetoycar3.jpg (36507 bytes)


With mother on a neighbour's motorbike, with his first house, 25, Richmond Rd., Walthamstow, London, in the background. He lived there from 1951 until 1964.  The person standing on my doorstep is Valerie Green, Lennox Road. I recently discovered she is a doctor. Will have to find out where she is to see if she can diagnose me.


Thomas Gamuel Infants School, Gamuel Rd., Walthamstow, London.  





Possibly Looe, Cornwall.
1963. Barclay ward, Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital for Children, Hackney, London. Treated with Prednisone (corticosteroid) for ulcerative colitis at age twelve. 
Some weeks later showing the large and quick weight gain from Prednisone's side-effect of Cushings syndrome. His sister is on the far left in red, with Bert and Ida Flay one of Ivy Cattier's brothers and his wife. 
warwichschooltrip.jpg (77831 bytes) 1963 or 1964. Warwick Secondary School for Boys, Wood Street, Walthamstow. Trip to Greenwich, London. Author took the picture of his classmates and teacher.

steveplane65.jpg (26709 bytes)

1965. Fairlop near Hainault with his self constructed single channel radio controlled model aircraft from a kit called the Lancer. More pictures below.

bargesteve.jpg (38905 bytes)

At the bow aboard the Memory Thames sailing barge, River Colne, Essex, circa 1966.

memorythamesbarge.jpg (21443 bytes)

Same vessel same week.

Circa 1966, St Barnabas Secondary School for Boys, Woodford Green, Essex. The yellow badge is because Stephen was a Prefect.

stevetrom.jpg (16598 bytes)

Possibly still at school. Location Loughton Kingdom Hall, Essex, where the author played trombone in a small band for a wedding there.

1969 passport photo. 
Ozalid (now Océ), Langston Road, Loughton, Essex, and the office where the author worked from April 1969 until October 1970 in graphic arts administration. 

colliseum2.jpg (43297 bytes)

1969. Location of photo the Coliseum. The reason for the passport a week in Rome on his own for a JW convention of his religion at the Pallazzo Dello Sport.
1969. The above JW convention site Pallazzo Dello Sport.

1972 circa. With mother and sister. Cornwall, UK.  

stevecornwall.jpg (94681 bytes)

Ditto 1973.

1974. The last picture (blurred) with sister at a relative's wedding before the illness commenced in December.
steve brean sands 1975.jpg (172194 bytes) 1975 on holiday with grandmother, on the beach at Brean Sands near Weston Supermare. Author was taking Stelazine and Kemadrin at the time. However, a week or two later he realised he should not be on it so discontinued it.

1976, late April/May, Cheddar Gorge, some days before his sudden relapse that was caused by him playing the trombone for twenty minutes. Over a period of two days he became unable to walk, speak nor communicate for a couple of weeks or so, and was then discharged from Claybury psychiatric hospital incorrectly branded a malingerer with the consultant psychiatrist claiming that, "Your sickness benefit will be stopped." It was not. He had worked hard to convince doctors his condition was not a psychiatric ailment.
1982.  Home shortly after his June discharge from the Maudsley Psychiatric Hospital, Camberwell, London, when he could not walk or bear outdoors intensity light, nor was able to wear anything more than just pyjamas, and worn inside out to avoid contact with the rough seams owing to the sensitivity of his skin to rough textures. He personally managed to set up the camera on its tripod to take the picture, although he had not improved enough to do anything else except speak occasionally, read and write sometimes, and attempt a little aero modelling on the wings of the model in view in the rear of the photograph; and for the first time in four years he could watch some television. He had been in psychiatric hospital since March 1981, and the most he became well enough to do there was to write and speak a bit, make his bed, and eventually boil potatoes in the ward's kitchen, and it was all done by getting about on the floor on his bottom - however, he did become well enough to use a wheelchair for a few weeks up to August 1981, and he got walking again in February 1983; he had last walked in September 1980. He has not been admitted to mental hospital since. 

1982. Home from the Maudsley able to speak a bit but unable to walk and suffering from photophobia for outdoor light intensity among other things. 
stevepoint1983.jpg (27236 bytes) 1983. Finally dressed properly, walking, and photophobia improved too.
stevecar85.jpg (87378 bytes) Either 1984 or 1985.
steve86.jpg (49934 bytes) 1986.
steveiow87.jpg (60461 bytes) 1987. Alum Bay, Isle of Wight, the Needles lighthouse.
1989 - The author's 1.92 m (76 inches) wingspan radio-controlled 1/6th. scale Grumman Cougar he built single-handed from a commercially available plan by Dennis Tapsfield (Code no. of the plan: RM 225. Order it on +44(0)1689899200), over fourteen months from October 1987. Weight of balsa and plywood model less fuel has now reached 11 lb 12 ounces - 5.35 kg (the designer's prototype weighed 9 lb 4 ozs - 4.2 kg). Originally powered by two OS FP 25 engines when the model weighed 10 lbs 12 ozs to 11 lb 8 ozs, it has yet to fly with OS FX 25 engines fitted in 1998. It also has Spring Air retractable undercarriage, flaps, HAL autopilot, Futaba PCM receiver, eight servos (Futaba and Hitech), battery backup, closed loop linkages to rudder and elevator, Solarfilm/Solarspan covering. The FP 25s originally ran with position adjustable Tokyodo mufflers to enable a totally in cowl exhaust. Then, in the summer of 1989, the original OS silencers were fitted for hopefully more power. From about 1995 the Tokyodos were refitted but this time with the OS Mute Set and 9x6 APC propellers to reduce decibels. With the original OS silencers and the engines run lean, take off speed was adequate. Maximum rpm of the FP 25s with muted Tokyodos was 11,400 and 11,800 respectively but the aircraft needed a longer take off run. The model has only had on average about four outings a year owing to Stephen's illness; thus it has not flown since 1996. Stephen has yet to land and take off this aeroplane but he does a good job of flying it after someone else has got it airborne. He also passed the BMFA's basic "A " proficiency exam in October 1988 (for piloting radio-controlled model aircraft) on a smaller single engine high wing trainer type model he built in 1965, after restarting the hobby again in the previous year having had a lay off period from it of seventeen years. British Model Flying Association   Click here for 
steve mersea island 1989.jpg (239321 bytes) 1989. Mersea Island, Essex.
1991. The author's 1/4 scale 1.68 m span (66 inches) Bowers Fly Baby biplane - American homebuilt of the 1960's - he plan built in 1990/91 from a commercially available plan by Eraldo Pomare. Aluminium Fiba Film covered, Irvine 61 ABC powered (mounted on rubber blocks for quietness) with Weston UK PST+PC silencer (although in the video of it below the standard Irvine silencer was used), Hal autopilot, Trexler 41/2 inch dia. wheels, Futaba PCM r/c, closed loop controls to rudder and elevator, battery backup, weight less fuel 5 kgs (11 lbs). Has been flown successfully with a Super 8 cine camera installed in the cockpit - see Video Camera magazine May 1992, page 22, which published Stephen's letter about it (the magazine rephrased it).

1997. Piper Cub which the author's late father (1922 - March 20 1999) mostly built. Stephen finished it off e.g. applied outer Glosstex covering.  

stevetesco.jpg (51240 bytes) 1999. Tesco supermarket.

stevecattier.wivenhoe2003.jpg (87188 bytes)

2003. Wivenhoe, Essex.
2004, 25 May. Great Portland Street, London, W1. 564 kb jpg. 64 kb version.
2004. 25 May. Weymouth Street, London, W1. BT tower. 598 kb jpg.
31 July 2004. Mistley and Manningtree, Essex, visit by electric bicycle.
26 August 2004 Clacton-On-Sea, Essex air show, series of Red Arrows pictures plus one of beach.
25 May 2005. Alresford Creek, River Colne, Colchester, Essex.

May 2006.

11 July 2007.

1989. The author took this photograph of his Grumman Cougar and is letting someone pilot it. The port engine has stopped causing it to crash near landing when it was hit by a gust of wind making it cartwheel, mostly collapsing the nose section and requiring a repair performed by the author.

cougarbarebones1.jpg (89505 bytes) Author's bare bones Grumman Cougar during construction.
Rear view.
The author built the good 9 1/2 oz 48 inch wingspan Minnie glider in 1986 from a plan published in a magazine, and the excellent AirCore 40 at the rear (plastic kit from U.S.A.), from later. The blue and yellow David Boddington Aerobat was since jointly built by him and his father, but repaired by the author numerous times after aerial mishaps. The RCM&E transmitter (white one third from the left) was built by the author from a kit in 1987. Names of transmitters from left to right: 1/ Macgregor single channel of the late 1960s. 2/ Macgregor Digimac 6, 1978. 3/ R.C.M.& E., 1987. 4/ Futaba Challenger 1988. 5/ Futaba Field Force 7, circa 1992. 6/ Futaba FP-T8UP, circa 1995.
Model called the Lancer, the first radio controlled aircraft built by the author, from a kit in 1965. The Keil Kraft Gyron was his second model.

janetcat.jpg (34496 bytes)

Janet Cattier outside her then home 25 Richmond Road, Walthamstow. One of the founder members of the Wingfield Music Club for physically disabled children, Walthamstow, set up by Bert Lyons.

The author with sister, mother, cat and dog, 25 Richmond Road. Either late 1962 or '63.

The author's dog, Patch, 1962 -1973. She fought with most other dogs, chased cats but liked us. 25 Richmond Road.

grangrandad.jpg (97607 bytes)

The author's paternal grandparents. Circa 1966. 161 Uplands Road, Woodford Bridge, Essex.
janet161uplandsrd.jpg (82233 bytes) Circa 1968. The author's sister Janet in the author's home at 161 Uplands Road, Woodford Bridge, Essex. The page also shows the opposite view of garden. The M11 motorway was built on the spot where she is standing leaving the house intact.


1969. The author's first car a 1949 Ford Anglia Registration number TML 767. Where is it now? Location: Langston Rd., Loughton, Essex, outside Stephen's place of employment, Ozalid (now Océ), right next door to the Bank of England's printing works where the nation's banknotes are printed. Person: The author's sister Janet who worked at Ozalid too as a comptometer operator. 

The author's 1960 Triumph Herald, 948 cc, circa 1989, registration no. 961 WML. He owned it from early 1970 until 1990 or 1991, and he has not been well enough to drive since the first week of December 1974. 
heraldfront.jpg (66454 bytes) Ditto.
A weather painting by the author. 1984.


The author happened to witness the making of the Epson Digital Camera Loch Ness Monster advertisement - see his photo below.

Early May 1999, Brightlingsea's paddling pool, Essex. Nessie comprised of two partly submerged car tyres and drain pipe neck. The beach was deserted owing to rain showers.
Brightlingsea  1.jpg (62307 bytes) More pictures of Brightlingsea, Essex, November 5 2002.


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