Chapter 10. Stephen Cattier's video clips.

Sensational New to Medical Science Brain Damage Psychogenically Dismissed. Copyright Stephen Cattier 1998. All rights reserved. 

Chapter 10. Video Clips made by the author unless otherwise stated. His model aircraft here.     Last updated 25/04/2019 11:54:44


Symptoms of the neurological injury:

I used to believe this was a positive Romberg's sign until my GP disabused me of the idea on 21 February 2005 i.e. unable to balance upon one leg with eyes shut. 19 December 2004.

Drank a mouthful of cold water before arising from bed and it interfered with the neurological injury/muscles temporarily causing the vocal cords to sound husky. Unsure what the tapping sound is. 5 March 2005.

August 29 2004. Demonstration of vocal, facial and arm muscular spasms caused by pure voluntary movement of a couple of fingers of the left hand  owing to it temporarily aggravating the neurological injury. Normally Stephen does movements without such problems because of being sufficiently interested enough in doing them but is unable to safely do them for long. Profuse apologies offered if any sound unbeknownst to Stephen happens to be an embarrassing word in any other language.

Ditto but demonstrating head twisting, facial distortions and vocal spasms and made just prior to the above video. The head movement does not occur in the above clip because by then the injured nerves had been temporarily improved by the exercise to them initiated by same type of voluntary movement that produced spasms in above clip. Before taking the asthma drug Salbutamol in July/August the spasms would have been of the torso too but the drug has improved them and it has been sustained even after discontinuing the medication. Limited camera memory responsible for clip's brevity.

Song of more spasms. January 2005.

June 2003. Lifting  a 77.5 Kg TV single-handedly the ancient Egyptian way to make it possible.

May 25 2003. Explaining a reason for why doctors have made the misdiagnosis.

Journeys to see doctors

November 2005. Journey to see a private consultant neurologist.

January 22 2004. Journey to have a private bladder video-urodynamics pressure test in Harley Street. It proved a bladder neck fault but was incorrectly not attributed to the new illness. The drug Flomax was prescribed but it did no good. I was not very sensitive to the medication.


    A convenient demonstration of the author's hyperacusis  

 - sensitivity to loud sound.

Monday May 26, 2003. Noisy police siren reveals his sensitivity to loud sound which hurts his ears and, bizarrely, if high enough it temporarily removes all of his strength. He stops cycling to block his ears otherwise the din's intensity would have temporarily caused him to experience an almost immediate total loss of strength, necessitating lying flat upon the ground for several seconds to recuperate. Three police cars roared by in quick succession as these videos show. If those officers happened to be out on a hoax call it was not Stephen responsible to generate a way of illustrating his hearing problem. Their appearance was coincidental. 7:06 pm.  

First verbal explanation about his previously described hearing problem. 7:08 pm. Monday May 26, 2003.

Second verbal explanation of above recorded immediately afterwards. Note the fluffing of words which demonstrates the frequent mental paralysis from his medical condition. The yellow rubber glove is for protection from the rough inside of the leather glove. Updated 3 August 2003.

Verbal finale.

However, observe the amazing intensity of sound the author can tolerate for a while when he is sufficiently interested in hearing it - jet aircraft sound has always been his favourite together with loud explosions. At least one person was blocking their ears but Stephen was not. The Harrier jump jet and the Mustang's victory roll Clacton-On-Sea air show 26 August 2004 .

    Demonstrations to prove the author's sensitivity to coldness is organic and not phobic. If it were the latter he would be unable to venture near the sea.   

Mersea Island, Essex, the Strood (main road) October 24 2006 which periodically floods from the tide. I received two soaked feet when I ventured into too deep a section around the corner to it on my electric bike and had to momentarily place both of them onto the submerged road to maintain balance. I survived the resulting coldness without it causing a relapse probably because I was interested in surviving and so had more energy produced in the damaged portion of the brain controlling sensitivity to the cold for maybe half and hour. However, my feet were extra sensitive for a while afterwards. I had Wellington boots with me which should have been donned beforehand. The water also immediately busted my bike's electronic throttle controller somehow.

Clacton-On-Sea Thursday 15 June 2006.

Full size image

See a bit of water enter my shoe. It is going to be Wellington boots and Duck tape next time sealing the gaps with my Gore Tex trousers and then the waves can do what they like. The camera will also be enshrouded in polythene. I went to Clacton by train and electric bike but biked all the way home a distance of 20 K/12 miles. The coolish breeze affected my face somewhat re. the nerve damage but it will recover.

Cycling through a Ford, Wivenhoe, Essex. 22 June 2005.

Brightlingsea ferry. August 2007.

Comic section. The mental health act should have one.

Comedy waiting for a train. The strain of speaking temporarily adversely affected the nerve damage/chest muscles. Video editing software increased my walking speed in one part. Monday 26 June 2006.

Above the A120, Essex. 10 August 2005.

Instant thunder whilst fiddling with the camera. 24 June 2005. 671 Kb wmv. The rest of this Colchester, Essex, storm is here.

Pretendinbg to establish if lightning has finally stopped or not. Set to music. 30 June 2005.

WARNING, THIS IS LOUD. Joke about his hyperacusis. The gag is that he is unaffected by the ship's mighty horn which earns him a cheering ovation. The horn sound was not in the original video but was subsequently added. River Colne, Wivenhoe, Essex, 31 May 2003, 16:01.  

Fight joke August 2002. Philistines beware.

Mimicking Sherlock Holmes on TV saying the doctor moved.
A joke heard on TV by comedian/actor Mike Reid. Q: Why is your ceiling so high? A: My wife wanted two rooms knocked into one. 


General videos:

Circa 1985, River Colne, Wivenhoe.

Summer, 1971. A man cut down in his prime three and a half years later. Imagine what could have been instead.

Summer 1971. Why indeed.

Summer 1969, Theydon Bois, Essex.
Marching about in Beth Chatto's famous garden, Elmstead Market, 23 August 2005.

Between Alresford and Wivenhoe. 30 June 2005.


The same loud storm as above at Colchester, Essex, 25 June 2005 but more highlights.

Speeding clouds and vapour trails using fast video facility on the Sony PC350 video camera. Filmed through a double glazed window.

13 October 2004. 35 Km (appx. four and a half hours) round trip on electric bike to St. Osyth's local amenity tip, including meal and one hour battery charge. Also to Wivenhoe - rained from there to home.

26 August 2004 Clacton-On-Sea air show, video. Flypast of the Tornado aircraft.

26 August 2004 Clacton-On-Sea air show, video. The first and fastest flypast of the Tornado.

26 August 2004 Clacton-On-Sea air show, video. The RAF Falcons parachute display team.

26 August 2004 Clacton-On-Sea air show, video. Brave Utterly Butterly wing walkers.

26 August 2004 Clacton-On-Sea air show, video. The mighty and agile Chinook helicopter.

26 August 2004 Clacton-On-Sea air show, video. The Lancaster bomber. The author's father maintained them when he was an RAF  mechanic during World War 2. 2.51 Mb wmv. 49 Mb version here.

RAF Red Arrows video Clacton air show 26 August 2004, the Champagne Split manoeuvre.

On the journey home having just had asthma diagnosed for the first time by GP. It is a unique type caused by the brain damage but disbelieved by doctors. June 2004.

The author's pond he constructed in 2002. Tidying pond iris. He removed it from the pond single-handedly with a struggle but no video was taken of that. Dragged in short pulses to avoid a relapse. 11 August 2004.

Gold fish 28 August 2005 in the author's large pond he built single-handedly in 2002.

Taking a tumble from his Solartracker electric bicycle, University of Essex, 27 May 2003. Apart from one bruised elbow he and the camera got away with it.        

May 2003. The Kid Car Combi goods trailer is excellent. A motor cycle sound effect is added because I have been turned down for my driving licence on this illnessese health grounds.

Even faster.

Going the other way.

May 2003.

May 2003.

Wind protection for his sensitivity to cool draughts re. his new neurological condition.

Balaclava is redundant in warm weather.

Tree trimming. 27 may 2003, 15:02 pm.

Tree trimming continued.
Vacuuming with a Dyson.
Viewing the first world war memorial at Great Bentley, Essex, 4 August 2003.

On a picnic, 4 August 2003, River Colne, Colchester. Air must have been 30 C. It was so hot the trains were ordered to slow down because of buckling rails. 50 C in one place the track temperature reached. 502 Kb wmv

He can use his muscles when in the mood but only for one big lift at a time. Battery removed from bike. He also drank 2 litres of Tango fizzy drink without heating it as sun had done it. August 4, 2003. 1.46 Mb wmv

The trailer's turn.
Off and away.

Eastgates, Colchester, 2002. The digital camera was Sony DSC-P 9 Cybershot 4 mega pixel at middle video quality setting.  Where it went.

The author's most favourite man made sound. The louder the better, illness permitting of course. A noisy jet near Colchester, Essex, August 2002. It likely originated from the nearby Clacton-on-Sea air show.

AEROSPATIALE - AS355F1 Twin "Squirrel" helicopter G-LENI, Colchester, Essex, June 2003.

Rescue helicopter demonstration, Colchester, Essex, 23 July 2003.

Ditto. Missed most of the intrepid person carrying the dummy up the wire. It looked like a dummy that was being "rescued".

Panoramic view of Wivenhoe, Colchester, Essex, 31 May 2003.

The coaster Brenda Prior, Wivenhoe, River Colne, 4 August 2003. 1 Mb wmv. Picture of coaster Bert Prior at Wivenhoe.

Two for the price of one. Might look bad but they are normally spaced. No collision.


Two of the author's R/C model aircraft he built single-handedly from 1987. Author is not the pilot. Videos courtesy Copyright Michael Thomas 1989. All rights reserved.

 See   photographs in Chapter 7 

1996. Walking on model flying field. (some distortion across picture).

1989 Mersea Island, Essex. Assembling wing to fuselage of Grumman GA-7 Cougar,  that he plan built from 1987 - 1989.

Engines test.
Take off, 1989. The author is not piloting the model in this or the following sequences.
Low fly past 1, 1989.
Low fly past 2.
Failed landing with go-around.  
Normal landing, without flaps.

1996. Take off failure with bumpy landing owing to lowered flaps and a too steep climb out.

1991. The author's Bowers' 1/4 scale Fly Baby biplane being taken off by someone else. He plan built it single-handedly from 1990 -1991. Circa 1992.

In-flight Super 8 movie using the above biplane. The author had a letter published in a video camera magazine asking were there slow motion video cameras for less hectic filming that way. Aircraft was not piloted by the author. The pilot was unaware the camera was filming owining to the author's self designed radio controlled switch failing to turn it off after take off, otherwise it would have been smoother. Location Mersea Island, Essex, UK. Circa 1992.


The End. 

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