Dr. Ron, consultant psychiatrist, national Hospital, Queen Sq., London.

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Dr. M. Ron, consultant psychiatrist, National Hospital, Queen Sq., London. March 1990.

Dr. Ron remembered me from the Maudsley in 1977 when she attended the special case conference about me. It looked to me as if there were one people present then including one Dr. Maxwell, a mind doctor who travelled from my home town 75 miles specifically for it.

The light was not too strong. I went out frequently to rest my ears and mind to enable them to recharge. Vicky Rippere has since retired. Like other doctors Dr. Ron has failed to mention I claim it was the neurological damage that I first received received from the nervous exhaustion which allowed Limbitrol to injure me further, otherwise it could never do it. When walking I have to sit frequently in order to allow the nerves in the mind to recharge that control muscle movement. I was actually much more physically better re. the condition in the first parts of 1976 and 1978 which were identical levels to each other.

They have not specifically looked for the condition I claim to suffer from. The normal tests I have had have been insufficient to detect the damage.

It is a good job my parents gave me the benefit of the doubt and went along with my wishes over how I should be treated otherwise I would have died. For example, during a relapse they would have flung open the curtains to let in the light and cold, and starved me out of bed so that my respiration would have stopped in eighteen hours and possibly landing them in prison incorrectly accused of smothering me like SIDS mothers. So its full marks x one million to my late parents.

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