Prof. David Marsden's report about the author's visit on Febraury 28 1986.,

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The late Prof. David Marsden, Maudsley.

Prof. David Marsden was 'Britain's King-pin neurologist.' I wrote to him asking if he would see me again. I explained in the letter the cause of my condition and the crucial nervous exhaustion factor in allowing non faulty Limbitrol to do it. However, he never mentions the exhaustion in the letter and says that I put the blame on Limbitrol. I saw him once before in February 1977 but he only saw me for a few seconds because my alien body syndrome altered an exaggerated knee-jerk reflex from the illness to make it look stupid which caused him to immediately vacate the room in a huff with his colleague saying, "We will talk about this one later." I could not help putting the doctors off occasionally owing to not having enough control over my body to prevent my psychiatric foibles coming to the fore i.e. much to my chagrin I can mess things up so that I do not become diagnosed. It is better than it was though.