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Cattier means 'Joyful Celebration' in the Chinese language. I have used the pseudonym, Gabrielle Sands, and have had work published by Scope.

'Riding Life's Storm' is the title of one of my poems, which is the main theme of my book, 'Song of the Sea'. It is the story of the life of a cerebral palsy little girl, me, Janet, who grew up to be a normal helpful citizen through the encouragement of all those around her. These wonderful people included my devoted parents, Len and Ivy Cattier: Cattier is a French name. The Wingfield Music Club, which became a Trust, and relatives and friends, many of whom shared her strong belief in an 'all seeing' Almighty Creator, whose name is Jehovah, Psalm 83:18. Look this scripture up in the King James version of the Holy Bible. I believe He sent his dear son, Jesus Christ, to Earth as a propitiatory sacrifice in place of Adam to regain paradise on Earth. One cannot get through life without their help.

In this world, there is a constant fight against good and evil. There are liars, impostors, and con people who live off the backs of others. This story tells a wonderful side to life and that only be achieved by Jesus' message: There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving'.

What is included in my website? Having persevered in learning the art of music and general writing, my intention is to let the public sample some of my work. This will be in the form of small mp3 files for my music compositions. I will endeavour to appeal to all tastes and ages.

I was able to attend Trinity College of Music. Also, I paid for many music lessons, including composition, throughout my life. The final achievement was gaining First Class Distinction on the Open University's music course.

My daughter, Rachael, is a marvellous artist and has designed a cover for my book.

The Wingfield Music Club at the Royal Festival Hall during the first half of the 1970s, conducted by its founder, Herbert Gascoigne Lyon. I believe I played the cello in this delightful orchestra formed in 1952 to help the disabled to learn a musical instrument.

Riding Life's Storm

Into this world we're born,
Into this life we're thrown,
Like a ship at sea we're blown,
To life's rising storm.

We come into and go out
Of this world with nothing,
To God above we are
Like grasshoppers below,

We must grasp the ship's
Helm with both hands,
To ride the storm of
Life that is rising.

Samples of my Music Compositions.

This mp3 file is an excerpt from my cello concerto 'Song of the Sea.' The tune, Seagull's Flight, would normally be  in the middle of this piece but is not in this mp3. I wrote this tune for a friend of mine who played cello in the Wingfield Music club. The Seagull's Flight is preserved, along with other of my compositions, in the Walthamstow, London, archives. This piece of music has been heard on UK television and radio during the 1960s.

Christ The King mp3.

Chanson (French for song). For violin and piano mp3.

Seagulls Flight mp3

Lazarus mp3


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