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Sensational New To Medical Science Brain Damage Psychogenically* Dismissed (*misdiagnosed as mental illness)

The sufferer of the condition, Stephen Cattier 2007. Not true one hopes. Words added to picture. Cheddar Gorge May 1976.    

This is a true story. My extremely bizarre brain injury has been misdiagnosed as mental illness since December 1974. The nerves are not dead but malfunction. It was caused by an unknown to science type of nervous exhaustion sufficiently weakening my mind nerves so that they became affected in nine or ten days by Limbitrol 5 (amitriptyline and chlordiazepoxide). I suddenly, and temporarily, became paralysed in mind and body. There is now not much fuel in my brain to make the central nervous system work safely for long. All of my senses, muscles, mind, speech and emotions must not be used for too long otherwise damage and a relapse would result as has occurred a number of times with an increase in the number of symptoms. I have wrongly spent a total of four years in psychiatric hospitals with about half of that time unable to walk and speak. I presently look well despite being literally only seconds away from another relapse in a number of different ways e.g. 1/ Keeping my eyes closed whenever insufficiently tired or interested enough in doing it. 2/ Attempting any movement whenever I am not interested enough in moving. The interest opens the nerves' injured gates allowing their fuel to safely flow. - Stephen Cattier.


Born 1951. UK resident.  

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  1. Introduction, history, causes for the exhaustion, plus current and some past symptoms.

  2. Symptoms from October '74 to first week of December when the nervous exhaustion event conmmenced.

  3. December '74 to exacerbation of the brain damage in '75.

  4. January '75 onwards, plus report in REDBRIDGE GUARDIAN and INDEPENDENT newspaper, Wanstead and Woodford, London, of ill-treatment I received in Claybury Hospital, Woodford Bridge, Essex (issue of September 24, '76, Vol. CV11, No. 5559, page 1). Newspaper report of the '76 B.B.C. Radio 4 item highlighting my Claybury experience.

  5. Author's religion and the illness. I was baptized one of Jehovah's Witnesses in 1969.

  6. Medical test results including eight EEGs (brain waves) with diffuse abnormalities. EEG 22/03/79, "...raises the possibility of subacute sclerosing leucoencephalopathy." Doctors' reports of author when an outpatient.

  7. The author's photos.

  8. Open Mind magazine article about my case, issue No. 60, Dec. '92/Jan. '93, page 14.

  9. The latest news in my becoming diagnosed.

  10. The author's videos clips.

  11. My sister Janet's web site comprising of her musical compositions and poems.

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